Osaki is the one of the most popular brand in the market and there OS-4000 is one of the best massage chair. Osaki massage chairs come with high technology and new features for which a buyer looks for. The brand makes so comfortable massage chairs that relief your body and now this OS-4000 Massage chair comes with the foot roller that will massage you foot too. The chair is designed with airbags technology that minimises the gravitational pressure on the user’s back to provide deep massage. It comes with wireless remote function through with speed and intensity can easily be adjusted and also has body scanning technology that ensures the user is getting massage in sensitive areas of the body.

OS-4000 Technology

1. Airbags

Osaki OS-4000 comes with great 48 Air bags. Osaki has reduced the number of airbags in this model because less airbags will produce less noise and consume less electricity and results in best natural massage feeling, more efficient and more relaxing.

Airbags provide massage to following areas:-

  • Arms: The model has air bags on the tops and bottom of the hand and forearms.
  • Shoulders: Airbags are located on the top and outer parts of shoulders that help muscles t relax and release tension.
  • Hips and Lower Part: The airbags located on the seat base provide massage to hips and lower back area and also help to keep hips in position when the rollers move.
  • Feet and Calves: In feet and calves area airbags are located on back and side areas that provide force to calves and feet.

2. Rollers

The programmed body scanning arrangement of the OS-4000 conveys accuracy amid the back rub treatment by means of rollers by having the capacity to alter the positioning of the rollers per the body width and additionally body tallness of its users.

3. Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity configuration enables you to completely extend your back in the most exact position that feels like you’re coasting noticeable all around that helps discharge the muscle pressure to dispose of tiredness you get from the everyday activity, gradually settle the spine’s shape and enhances blood flow.

4. Wireless Remote

The wireless remote fulfils the need of user having the capacity to adjust the principle settings of the OS-4000 without interrupting the support of a leaned back position while using the back rub seat.

  • Body scan technology.
  • 2 Zero-Gravity positioning.
  • Enjoyable and Customizable Massage
  • Zero gravity massage postion.
  • Auto timer setting from 5-30 minute session.
  • Large and Bulky, can’t install by one person.
  • Limited Warranty after 1 year.


Osaki OS-4000 provides a client 1 years parts/labor warranty and 3 years limited warranty.

Osaki OS-4000