Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair Review (Buying Guide)


Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair Review

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is the best budget massage chair. Kahuna LM-6800 has a L-track 4 rollers to proficiently massage your back, arms, legs, and sides.The LM-6800 has worked in sensors that will check your body, considering your spine shape and body estimate.This will enable the chair to alter the massage, giving the most ideal experience. The air cell massage innovation utilized is calmer than other rubbing advancements.The massage chair offers 3 phases of zero gravity positions, and just requires 3 creeps of freedom to progress from the sitting to the inclined position.

Features of Kahuna LM-6800

L-Track Foot Rollers

The Kahuna LM6800 ha a L-Track roller that give around 35% more scope than the traditional S-tracks, relieving even your worn out thigh and glute muscles. Just to clarify a little for the individuals who aren’t already mindful of what “L-Track” actually is, basically there are 2 primary sorts of roller functionality, as just said, the L-Track and S-Track. The feature distinction is that the S-Track only does from the neck to the lower back, though the L-Track also goes directly down into the zone of the buttocks and massages them utilizing a horizontal activity of development.

A full body heavy-tissue rubbing background is effectively delivered by means of the L-track technology which starts the massage itself from the neck of clients and goes all the path, in vertical movements, down till the lower back of the thighs of clients.

Dual Foot Rollers

The Kahuna massage chair LM6800’s calf and foot massage is far reaching and joins both airbags and dual rollers, including rollers at the bottoms of the feet. This was a major shock, to see genuine foot rollers in a machine at this value point! Substantially more costly chairs, and even tolerably more costly chairs do exclude this component. This can be balanced by means of the remote, and if it’s still excessively exceptional for you, even at the gentlest setting, one ambitious client tackled the issue by wearing an additional match of socks!

Air Massage Technology

Kahuna’s air massage innovation claims to have the capacity to use less airbags to cover the required measure of surface zone on the chair. It includes an entire body air massage, using 36 First Generation airbags. Honestly, it’s difficult to think about it’s airbag cover and proficiency here using less bags with different makes and models, yet that is the thing that they are guaranteeing. The decision to use First Generation Airbags was likely a cost-saving move, to keep the cost of the chair low. It should also be noticed that users can customize the air massage through three diverse intensity levels on the remote.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity enables you to lean back weightlessly with your legs level with or higher than your heart. By placing you in a position where your knees are slightly over your heart, the greater part of your body’s weight is pressing down against the rollers, which brings about a more profound, more helpful massage. That is impeccable, particularly in the event that you experience the ill effects of incessant back pain, and a great expansion to the chair This is a position touted as being perfect for relieving weight on the body and allowing for a more focused massage sensation.

This massage chair offers 3 zero gravity levels, so you will discover one to appreciate. Zero-gravity is among the center highlights which planned purchasers should search for when looking for a massage chair that will augment physical recuperation and additionally restoration of the body. The Zero-gravity position puts every user in a pre-set angled positioning which adequately copies that of space explorers right before take-off.

The Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 by Kahuna Massage Chair; be that as it may, made this specific element one stride promote by integrating three unique stages of zero-gravity mode to help modify the client’s body altogether. Variety inside the Zero-gravity programs guarantees that clients whom of which are not already used to the position can decide on varying levels to best enable their body to get acquainted with the physical idea of zero gravity.

Yoga Stretching

The Yoga stretching program is intended to pull the users body to the degree at which sensation upgrades subsequently, giving a considerably more serious experience. The stretch is a genuinely forceful one and will enable take to weight off of compacted plates in your spinal section, which is the reason for back torment. It might take a touch of becoming acclimated to, yet you will unquestionably cherish the outcomes. Yoga stretch program stretches front of your body, spine and hamstrings.

Shiatsu Masssage

The Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 contains a sum of five diverse massage program systems i.e Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading and a combination of kneading merged with tapping.

Computer Bodyscan

The LM-6800 has sensors that will check your body, considering your spine shape and body measure. This will enable the chair to redo the back massage, giving the most ideal experience. The air cell knead innovation utilized is calmer than other rubbing advances. Most os the massage chairs nowadays will consolidate a body check highlight. It’s what enables the chair to make a more altered affair for the client in view of their specific estimations. It’s great to see that Kahuna have included this component, and not left it out in spite of the less expensive cost for this model.

What is uncommon, in any case, is that the Kahuna LM6800 goes above and beyond. Notwithstanding the auto-filter, the remote additionally enables clients to adjust the situation of the rollers physically. Along these lines, if the PC misses a weight point, you can abrogate it to guarantee that the rollers dependably hit the territories you require them to.

Space Saving

This is one reason that numerous individuals will wind up picking this model. The space saving element of the LM6800 implies that it just requires 5 inches of space to completely broaden. The capacity to slide towards the front, even while leaning back takes into consideration user to have the capacity to use their space all the more proficiently with this specific new component. The space-saving component likewise enables proprietors to put the massage chair in moderately little rooms, or urban-styled rooms without compromising on the full use of its highlights. This makes this chair an extraordinary choice for those of us who basically don’t have a considerable measure of additional space in their home, and are extremely attempting to have the capacity to legitimize getting a massage chair because of space confinements.

Remote Control

It comprises of a different holder for remotes and so forth to guarantee facilitate comfort to clients. The remote likewise enables clients to adjust the situation of the rollers physically. In this way, if the PC misses a weight point, you can abrogate it to guarantee that the rollers dependably hit the zones you require them to.

Pros of Kahuna LM-6800:

  • FDA-registered medical device.
  • 6- Automatic Massage Programs.
  • 3-Zero Gravity Levels.
  • Dual foot rollers and additional foot padding.
  • Custom body-fit Massage.
  • Excellent Warranty Cover.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Kahuna LM-6800:

  • Installation May Be An Issue.
  • Foot Massage Can Be Rough.

Warranty of Kahuna LM-6800

In the first year, all labour and parts are completely secured. In the event that something breaks or glitches, you don’t pay anything.For the second year, just parts are secured, and you either need to make the repairs yourself, or ship the unit to Kahuna. In the third year, just the system structure is secured.

Owner’s Manual

To read the Kahuna LM-6800 owner’s manual Click Here.

Final Review